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Sales Post [Updated 2016/09/20]

Clearing out some goodies: a couple Hetalia-related goods and the rest is mostly Hetalia doujinshi, though there's a few doujin at the end for Touken Ranbu, Trigun, Final Fantasy VII/VIII, Harry Potty and Gundam Wing.

All prices are in USD. PayPal payments ONLY.
Items will ship from Texas, USA. International shipping is OK.
If interested, please respond with your Zip code or country so I can estimate shipping costs. Shipping is not included in the price.
If interested please send an e-mail to jammerlea@gmail.com.
Feel free to ask questions.

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Christmas Review

Christmas was nice. I had fun with everyone exchanging gifts and spending time together.

I got some nice gifts. Sam got me The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" movie and a plush of the Yellow Submarine itself. So cute~ Her brother got me another plush sea turtle (naming him Pedro) and a Pinypon playset. There's some other stuff too, but those I was really excited about~

After our Christmas meal, Sam, her brother, Avi and I went to see The Hobbit in 3D at the IMAX in La Cantera. Fff... I've never been to such a ~fancy~ theater before. Srsly they had gelato and coffee and wine (whyyyy). The movie was fun, but we sat so close up that my neck and head were hurting by the end of the movie. Bleh. The cold front that came in makes my shoulders and neck hurt in general so that was even worse (stupid arthritis). But otherwise... I had fun.

Exhausted now after that headache. I have to work bookkeeping tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well.

Off to bed for me...

News and Merry Christmas!

Some people already know, but just thought I'd add here that Gentosha Comics sent hetarchive a cease and desist notice regarding the printed volumes of Hetalia. So I spent a chunk of the day backing up files and removing the volumes from the site. Not exactly how I was planning on spending Christmas Eve, hahaha. Merry Christmas to you too, Gentosha.

The day has been nice aside from that. Sam and Avi and I went out to an Italian place we had never been before. The food was pretty good~ We'll open gifts up later.

To keep in the Christmas spirit, here's some Christmas art~!

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Merry Christmas!

Or whatever you celebrate!

Also, is it just me or has LJ been acting screwy?
my god why


So today was interesting. Well, I have to back up to Tuesday last week.

Tuesday I was actually asked if I wanted to start training to work back in the vault at HD. Mm, not particularly, buuut it would be an easier job for me...

...except I had to train for three days starting on Wednesday so I could work on my own today.And I had to be at the store for training at 5-effing-AM.

I was really super nervous about working on my own today, b-but I did okay! I'm just not the best with math. I'm not sure when I'll work back there again, but it's definitely easier on my feet and I don't feel so exhausted. I'm still slow at it though. It took me 7 hours to get out of there. orz I didn't even take a break of any kind.

Bad news: I hit a big pothole with my car and now the wheel or tire or both are damaged. It's definitely leaking air. Just what I need after getting the brakes fixed.

Other news: Been running the Spamano Gift Exchange this holiday season. I think it's working out better than it did last year. Still it seems some people have disappeared even after asking for a couple days extension. =x=; Will probably have to set up some pinch-hits in a day or so.

Side note: I broke down and quickly purchased a copy of the January Comic Birz last month through the proxy I usually use. It came to like... $50. ;x; I'm debating selling off the Tumbler paper as I can't imagine using it and possible seeing if I can sell the back cover Hetalia DVD ads from the last few issues to help cover the cost (Got Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia & America).

I was checking BK1 for the February issue, which went on sale Dec 28... and seemed to be sold out when I checked Dec 30. WTF. I mean what. Not fair, dammit.

...parents are coming to visit in a week. Am excited. ;w;

Jumping in on this...

I'm offering up an art auction: here

I have rather mixed reactions to what happened this weekend and how people have reacted to it. Mostly though my prayers are with those whose lives have been affected by these events.

I'm not really sure what else to say at the moment. I'll post again later I guess.
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Hetalia RP Survey Meme

I was bored at work and came up with this~! You can probably use this for more than just Hetalia, but mine's directed at the Hetalia fandom.

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Post to main comm? Y/N? Done.

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Meebo RP Friends' Answers
So I can find them easily...

onmyoji_youkai: Here
alliterations: Here
jadeile: Here
ridensgirl: Here
pbjsammich: Here
sarepthegreat: Here
kotakia: Here
x_tatyamihailov: Here

I almost forgot to add this~

"If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal."

This is so true. I've met some wonderful people online, who I am very grateful for and I can't imagine life without them. Especially one who keeps me up when I'm down, even if I'm a sort of frustrating tsundere. =3= I'm so lucky~

April Fool's and Crap

Well, this week was interesting. I came up with the idea to do an April Fool's thing for the Hetalia File Archive... which was just having it be like Prussia took over and changed it so all the content was about him. pbjsammich helped me with the design a bit. It looked like this: Oresama no Archive. It was generally well received... but I let them get away with posting whatever on the shoutbox and ommmg crazy. Things are back to normal now.

Theeen we found out one of our fellow RPers, sarepthegreat was working on fansubs for episode 53 of Hetalia, she and her cousin had done a translation. So Sam and I helped out with fixing it up and encoding the sub and video files together. It drove us nuts, but I think it'll be easier now that we know how to do it. May or may not do more. It would be fun, but we don't want to feel pressured by the fandom. Not a real fansub group. XD; Just a handful of crazy people.

Um... dunno what else to say... As of a few days ago I've officially been at Home Depot for three years. It seems kind of surreal...

That's about it.