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02 January 2012 @ 12:45 am
So today was interesting. Well, I have to back up to Tuesday last week.

Tuesday I was actually asked if I wanted to start training to work back in the vault at HD. Mm, not particularly, buuut it would be an easier job for me...

...except I had to train for three days starting on Wednesday so I could work on my own today.And I had to be at the store for training at 5-effing-AM.

I was really super nervous about working on my own today, b-but I did okay! I'm just not the best with math. I'm not sure when I'll work back there again, but it's definitely easier on my feet and I don't feel so exhausted. I'm still slow at it though. It took me 7 hours to get out of there. orz I didn't even take a break of any kind.

Bad news: I hit a big pothole with my car and now the wheel or tire or both are damaged. It's definitely leaking air. Just what I need after getting the brakes fixed.

Other news: Been running the Spamano Gift Exchange this holiday season. I think it's working out better than it did last year. Still it seems some people have disappeared even after asking for a couple days extension. =x=; Will probably have to set up some pinch-hits in a day or so.

Side note: I broke down and quickly purchased a copy of the January Comic Birz last month through the proxy I usually use. It came to like... $50. ;x; I'm debating selling off the Tumbler paper as I can't imagine using it and possible seeing if I can sell the back cover Hetalia DVD ads from the last few issues to help cover the cost (Got Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia & America).

I was checking BK1 for the February issue, which went on sale Dec 28... and seemed to be sold out when I checked Dec 30. WTF. I mean what. Not fair, dammit.

...parents are coming to visit in a week. Am excited. ;w;